Easily make nice looking text tables for Discord's embed fields and descriptions.


Install with npm install embed-table and it will be installed.


  • titles are the column titles that will display in the name value of the Embed Field. The titleIndexes are the indexes of where the titles start in the generated string, it is recommended to have the first title at 0. See example below.
  • If the start values are not greater than the previous column name, an error will be thrown about an invalid count value.
  • Make sure that your titles, titleIndexes and columnIndexes all are the same number of values, or else things get messy. An option to make the field inline is available since the method creates a complete field object.
  • It is easiet to manage where your data lines up in the columns when using backticks ( ` ) at the start and end of the rows, this makes any character the same width.

Basic Usage (with Discord.js v14+)

import { Table } from 'embed-table';
import { EmbedBuilder } from 'discord.js';

const table = new Table({
titles: ['Level', 'Money', 'Wins'],
titleIndexes: [0, 8, 16],
columnIndexes: [0, 6, 14],
start: '`',
end: '`',
padEnd: 3

table.addRow(['1', '$120', '2'], { override: 4 });
table.addRow(['72', '$10', '25'], { override: 0 });
table.addRow(['614', '$1220', '12']);

// Use this 'embed' when sending a message to a channel.
const embed = new EmbedBuilder().setFields(table.toField());

// Use this 'tableString' in a plain text area, (embed description or a regular message)
const string = table.toString();

Embed Output



Read the documentation for embed-table @ embed-table.treefarmer.xyz


Feel free to contribute however, it is appreciated! Join the community server @ treefarmer.xyz/discord

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